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Pixia 6. 4ze

2018-09-19 10:34:12 Wib.
Pixia 6. 4ze
CHIP Conclusion to Pixia

At first glance, Pixia looks very cluttered and cluttered. However, those who are not deterred by this will quickly achieve the first useful results. Check out the manufacturers website for some tutorials to get you started.

The CHIP editors say:

Pixia is a free paint program that comes with all sorts of artistic tools. Pixia The painting program Pixia comes with numerous brushes, tools and filters in the luggage, with which you can conjure art from nothing. Granted: some talent and the willingness to become acquainted with freeware are also included.

In addition to brushes in various forms, there are a freehand and various selection tools. The brushes are not only suitable for applying color. Even whole textures can be painted into the picture. Using filters and effects, you can also make extensive alienations on the image.

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