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Quik Desktop Formerly Gopro Desktop Or Gopro Studio For Macos

2018-09-22 05:14:15 Wib.
Quik Desktop formerly GoPro Desktop or GoPro Studio for macOS
CHIP conclusion to Quik Desktop (formerly GoPro Desktop or GoPro Studio) for macOS

"Quik Desktop" is mandatory for owners of a GoPro camera. With the software, loading the latest firmware becomes childs play. The video editing functions do not allow the videos to be provided with elaborate special effects, but you get other important functions for free.

The CHIP editorial says:

The macOS software Quik Desktop " (formerly "GoPro Desktop") helps you to easily import and edit video from your GoPro and update your action helmet camera with a software update. Quik Desktop (formerly GoPro Desktop or GoPro Studio) for macOS GoPro action cameras are among the best and most popular ever. for the best use of all offered features and for the support of the extensive accessories, you should always use the latest firmware.

The free GoPro software "Quik Desktop" offers you a simple tool to import, cut and share videos from your GoPro. The also included "GoPro Studio" offers even more editing functions. It not only downloads the latest firmware but also automatically updates your GoPro camera with a USB cable. It also lets you edit videos to your liking. for owners of the "GoPro 3D HERO system", the "GoPro Studio" offers the possibility to create 3D videos from the recordings.

GoPro editing program: must-have tool

This allows you to cut GoPro videos and make color adjustments and image enhancements. The freeware allows you to add tracks, music, audio tracks and overlays and adjust the playback speed of videos for ultra-slow slow motion and fast motion. In addition, the software has the simple but important function of rotating videos by 180 degrees.

You can then convert the finished video into AVI, MP4 or MOV format or prepare it for upload to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Smartphone or Tablet.

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