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Rocrail 1448

2018-10-19 15:43:21 Wib.
Rocrail 1448
CHIP conclusion to Rocrail

Rocrail offers a good start for all model railway enthusiasts who are looking for a control software for their track system.

The CHIP editors say:

Model railways are still very popular and enjoy great popularity. With the help of the Rocrail software you can bring your railway system into the digital age by controlling your trains with it. Rocrail Controlling model railroad layouts is not only fun, but requires a lot of attention as well as passion. Especially with larger systems you can ever lose track of things. But not only in such a case, the use of Rocrail makes sense - even driving the trains for demonstration purposes, you can confidently leave the software. You have more time to exchange ideas with like-minded people or explain your system in detail.

Rocrail: detailed wiki for the control software for model railways

Since the software offers many features that can not be explained in detail here, you will find a detailed wiki on the net that answers all your questions. Particularly noteworthy here is that also prevails in the forums a lively participation and many ambiguities are discussed in detail here.

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