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Safetrx Iphone Ipad App 2 18.1.

2018-08-16 15:24:08 Wib.
SafeTrx iPhone iPad App 2 18.1.
CHIP Conclusion on SafeTrx iPhone / iPad App

The App SafeTrx should actually be mandatory for every water sports enthusiast. With a route visible to the watchman, you can quickly be located in emergencies, helping you get there faster and without having to search too far.

The CHIP editors say:

The free iOS App SafeTrx records your ride on the water on your smartphone. This makes it easier to find and rescue you in an emergency on the sea. SafeTrx iPhone / iPad App In the App SafeTrx you can simply register your water sports equipment or boat and record your journey. In case of a possible emergency during your activity, you can be located by the distress rescuers. This will help you get to you faster.

SafeTrx: Lifesaving by recording the journey

The home menu of the App shows you your current position as coordinates. There is also a map with a route plan, a recording of the trip and the possibility to make a call for help. Application-integrated functions also include weather information, nearby radio stations or safety information.

As soon as you start your water sports activity in the App, your mobile phone transmits the recorded position data and saves your route. If you do not extend or meet your self-specified time of arrival before it has expired, a private emergency contact will be notified via SMS. If he can not reach you, he should alert the Sea Rescue. Through the recorded route, the watchman can tell your current person. In the case that there is no mobile connection, the last located data is checked. As a result, the search radius is clearly limited. Help can be on the spot faster.

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