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Samsung S9 Internet Apk Android App 9. . .32 Beta

2018-09-22 01:13:56 Wib.
CHIP Conclusion on Samsung s9 Internet APK Android App

"Samsung Internet Beta" comes with some handy features that not every mobile browser has in its luggage. With the Beta, you always test the latest features. You can also install the APK App on devices that are not officially supported by Samsung. If you own a Samsung device and you do not want to test the Galaxy s9s test features, you can also rely on the stable version from the Play Store.

The CHIP editors say:

With the Beta APK App " Samsung Internet " get the standard Samsung browser with numerous preview features of the new Galaxy s9 even on non-Samsung devices. Samsung s9 Internet APK Android App The Samsung "Samsung Internet Beta" browser offers a tidy interface and advanced security settings, as well as several features to protect your privacy.

Samsung Internet APK: Samsung Browser Beta for all devices

The so-called "secret mode" of "Samsung Internet Beta" will only take you after an authentication, for example, with your fingerprint. This increases the security of your privacy while surfing and hides your Internet data. You can also use your fingerprint to quickly and easily log in to various sites on the Internet.

The Samsung browser also supports third-party content blockers that you use to ban ads, for example. The handy Popup Video feature allows you to play videos in a small window while still being able to surf the Internet. There is also support for VR Applications such as 360-degree videos.

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