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Satellite: Mobile Phone In The App Iphone App 1.1.4

2018-09-24 04:21:14 Wib.
Satellite: mobile phone in the app iPhone app 1.1.4
CHIP Conclusion to Satellite: mobile phone in the app iphone app

Thanks to Satellite you are also reachable abroad via VoIP via a normal mobile number or telephone without SIM card via WLAN.

the CHIP editorial says:

the iOS app Satellite is intended to enable internet telephony to any mobile phone number and thus replace traditional SIM cards. Satellite: mobile phone in the app iphone app the free satellite app gives you a real mobile number that will allow you to be anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Satellite: Telephoning without sim card

in the application, you must first create a user profile with your personal data and receive a German mobile number directly. However, before you can make calls to users outside of Satellite, a letter with an activation code will be sent to your address for legal reasons.

Like in a classic phone app, Satellite also includes a number pad, contact overview, call history, and other setting options. You can see your phone number at any time in the settings and you can continue to use it on a new smartphone.

in the free tariff you receive according to offerer 100 free minutes per month. If you make more calls, you can now book "satellite Plus" for five euros per month. there are no limits for you.

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