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Screen To Gif 2.15.1 Portable

2018-12-26 09:48:23 Wib.
Screen To Gif 2.15.1 Portable

For demonstration purposes or to share funny bugs - recordings from the desktop are quickly created and shared with "Screen To Gif". For us the best free desktop gif recorder!

To create animated GIFs from desktop recordings, use "Screen To Gif"

"Screen To Gif" allows you to record a small section of your desktop and save it as an animated GIF. Drag the empty window frame of the program over the area that the GIF should later cover. Then start the recording and carry out the desired action.

Screen to Gif: Capture gifs from the desktop, videos and webcams

You can use this little tool very creatively. For example, you can use it to film an animation on your desktop or play a role, but you can also film a video from YouTube or film yourself in front of your own webcam. 

After you have stopped recording, you can click through the frames on the timeline and remove frames if necessary. With the enclosed editor also transitions and a joining of individual recordings no problem. If you are satisfied with the result, save the file as GIF.

In the settings of the tool, adjust the output quality with a slider. With high quality and longer animations it comes to very long loading times, depending on the application, you should therefore compromise and turn down the quality a bit.

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