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Skype For Macos 8.29. .41

2018-08-29 07:04:15 Wib.
Skype for macOS 8.29. .41
CHIP conclusion to Skype for macOS

Beating arguments for Skype are the good voice quality and secure connections. The software also works behind firewalls and routers - without any additional configuration.

The CHIP editors say:

Skype for macOS for free download. Skype for macOS Skype, the popular VoIP phone with which you can also chat or share files, comes in a new look and with new features and features in version 8.x for macOS.

So you can log in with Skype for a while with your Facebook or Microsoft account. Send off-line video messages from and to Skype contacts for free.

Skype also makes it easy to share pictures and other attachments with other users. for example, you can now simply copy pictures into the chat or drag " drop them. Drop.

Skype: Professional features cost something

With "SkypeOut" users can make cost-effective calls to the fixed network of many countries. And with SkypeIn you can set up a personal phone number where you can be reached worldwide. Both functions are in contrast to the other program, however, only for money to have; The same applies to the integrated answering machine.

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