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Sleep Bug - Android App 1.6

2018-09-14 01:12:17 Wib.
Sleep Bug - Android App 1.6
CHIP conclusion to Sleep Bug - Android App

"Sleep Bug" offers a wide variety of different soundscapes that provide the right environment for every mood. So the App can help with Sleep problems and while relaxing. In view of the broad offer on YouTube, however, the question arises whether an investment of two euros is worthwhile. At least as long as the App is available for free, you can safely hit.

The CHIP editors say:

The Android App " Sleep Bug " provides you with various relaxation sounds to help you fall aSleep. Sleep Bug - Android App The at first glance somewhat amateurish Android App "Sleep Bug" provides you with different soundscapes, which should enable a better fall aSleep and relax.

Sleep Bug: Android App with white noise and other relaxation sounds

Sleep Bug is one of 24 different relaxation environments. At your disposal are a beach, a forest, a jungle or a Zen garden. But even more exotic places such as an underwater world or a space station are available.

Each soundscape consists of several sounds whose volume can be adjusted individually. Of course, a Sleep timer is part of the functionality of the App. The manufacturer also advertises with its white noise: Who can relax, gets here probably loud self-statement one of the best rated "White Noise Machines" on the market.

The App is free for a short time and you save about two euros download.

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