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Spark Console . .62 Alpha

2018-10-18 15:43:14 Wib.
Spark Console . .62 Alpha
CHIP Conclusion about Spark Console

"Spark Console" is a handy program that brings together all the games in one place for you. It is characterized by the fact that it is very convenient and easy to use. Any gamers who have been looking for a game for longer will like the program.

The CHIP editors say

" Spark Console " is a game launcher that lets you bring all your games together under one interface. Spark Console The fact that there are many different gaming platforms, you can quickly get mixed up and thus lose valuable time. The free Gamelauncher "Spark Console" wants to solve this problem now, because the free program summarizes all plays on your Windows computer in a library for you together.

Spark Console: Never again look for games for a long time

With the free Gamelauncher "Spark Console" is now over with the annoying search for your games. "Spark Console" combines all the games you have on your Windows PC in a dedicated library. For this, the program carries out a complete scan, which you can repeat at any time. The program is compatible with Steam, Blizzard Origin, GOG and Uplay. If you use other games platforms or have the game as a disc, this is not a problem, because "Spark Console" allows you to manually add more games at any time.

Another noteworthy point is that "Spark Console" not only summarizes all your games and thus makes your access easier, but also looks appealing and supports high-resolution monitors up to 4k resolution. In addition, the free program supports not only the conventional keyboard but also various controllers. In addition to the features already mentioned, Spark Console will do all the updates for you, ensuring that you e always up to date. Currently the tool is still in Alpha phase

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