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Stock Market Exchange - Android App 3.

2018-09-30 01:12:08 Wib.
Stock Market Exchange - Android App 3.
CHIP Conclusion on Business Game Bumblebee - Android App

Anyone who participates in the "simulation game" should also use the App to be able to react to price fluctuations at any time.

The CHIP editors say:

You can also manage your depot on the go with the "Business Game Stock Market" App. Business Game Bumblebee - Android App With the official App you play the "business game Stock Market" on the go on the smartphone.

Stock Market Exchange: manage depot on the way

The annual "simulation game" of the savings banks can now be used with the official App on the smartphone. In the competition students and Apprentices compete against each other. The goal is to increase virtual capital. It is played with real courses.

For students and fans of the game, there is also a variant: "simulation game B rse Plus". There are more game features here. The availability of the competition depends on the individual savings bank. There are travel, money and prizes to win.

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