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Sweatcoin - Iphone Ipad App 9.2

2018-08-29 04:21:11 Wib.
Sweatcoin - iPhone iPad App 9.2
CHIP Conclusion on Sweatcoin - iPhone / iPad App

Sweatcoin has a positive idea, but the constraints of the App interfere too much, making it impossible to use it properly.

The CHIP editors say:

The Sweatcoin App for iOS promises to pay you as you move around. Sweatcoin - iPhone / iPad App If you are out and about a lot outdoors, you can give me Sweatcoins a small pay for each step. With the so-called Sweatcoins, you can buy special bonuses offered in the Application.

Sweatcoin: Beazhlung for movement

With the App Sweatcoin you can earn "money" by moving around. In addition to the Applications simple fitness tracker feature, this one delivers more features. So you can compete with your friends and see who runs the most steps in the day. You can even send Sweatcoins in the App, for example, to donate the last missing coins for a premium to a good friend.

The goal of the App is to motivate less active people to move more by being rewarded for it. Sounds good, but the App has some snags. So, as a free user, you can only spend 5 Sweatcoins a day and so often need 8 to 9 months to get enough coins to earn a bonus. Likewise, you must invite friends to collect more coins.

Many users also complain about the bad algorithm of the App, which unfortunately only evaluates about 65 percent of the steps and often does not charge for whole activities because they are needed to fund the App. Most offers are only a little more than a week available, which leaves little time to get the needed Sweatcoins.

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