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Taptapsee Iphone Ipad App 3.3

2018-10-05 04:21:09 Wib.
TapTapSee iPhone iPad App 3.3
CHIP Conclusion on TapTapSee iPhone / iPad App

Why are not there any free Apps like TapTapSee? The software follows a great Approach: to enable visually impaired people with the help of existing technical resources a barrier-free life in everyday life - both the detection as well as the description of the environment works very well.

The CHIP editors say:

For people with a visual impairment, everyday life often presents a challenge. With the help of the innovative App TapTapSee, users can film or photograph their environment and receive an audio feedback via the software. We take you to the free download for iPhone and iPad. TapTapSee iPhone / iPad App An iPhone or iPad can become an important companion for visually impaired people with the right software. The developers of TapTap See have also recognized this and developed the App as a powerful tool for iOS and Android.

TapTapSee: Practical App for the visually impaired for free download

The free App gives your user the opportunity to use their environment with the help of your iPhone. The camera of the smartphone captures the objects in their environment and uses artificial intelligence to analyze the existing objects. This will automatically read TapTap See to you. You can often rely not only on an object descriptions but also on a good color detection.

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