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Teamspeak 3 For Macos 3.2.1

2018-08-16 15:26:37 Wib.
TeamSpeak 3 for macOS 3.2.1
CHIP conclusion to TeamSpeak 3 for macOS

The communication tool par excellence - not just for gamers.

The CHIP editors say:

Download the TeamSpeak 3 voice conference software in the official version for macOS. TeamSpeak 3 for macOS With the freeware TeamSpeak you stay connected in the hottest online combat with your teammates via headset. So you know, for example A tactic shooter always knows exactly where your friends are.

TeamSpeak uses codecs such as CELP, GSM and Speex, which offer a bandwidth of 5.1 Kbps to 25.9 Kbps. Thus, the online connection is spared, without sacrificing quality of speech.

To use TeamSpeak, you must log in to a TeamSpeak server using the client software. Of course, you may also set up your own server. You can manage this easily via a web interface.

Numerous features such as an address book for managing multiple servers or the whisper function leave nothing to be desired. Unfortunately, the free tool is currently not yet compatible with VoIP telephony. To use TeamSpeak properly, you need a headset or microphone and speakers.

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