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Telegram Messenger Iphone- Ipad-app 5.1

2018-12-13 04:25:31 Wib.
Telegram Messenger iPhone- iPad-App 5.1

CHIP Conclusion on Telegram Messenger iPhone / iPad App

Telegram is a WhatsApp clone with a range of features that is constantly expanding, but with increased security and better encryption. Like all WhatsApp alternatives, Telegram also has the problem that it is simply used by too few users to replace WhatsApp one to one.

The CHIP editorial says:

Safer than WhatsApp - and now in a brand new version: The Messenger Telegram for iPhone and iPad relies on encryption and enables secure chats with your friends.

Telegram Messenger iPhone / iPad App Telegram is both ad-free and unrestricted for free use. Visually, the iOS app "Telegram Messenger" strongly reminds of WhatsApp, as well as the functionality.

You chat with your contacts, who are automatically recognized by their mobile phone number from your contact list. Group chats and file transfer are also on board. Also voice messages can be sent and in addition to the usual emojis Telegram has a large selection of stickers.

A big plus Telegram collects on the subject of security. The technology is based on 256-bit AES encryption. If you want to chat almost completely securely, you have the option to start a "Secure Chat&. An end-to-end encryption is used. Messages destroy themselves - if desired - after a certain time.

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