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Threema Iphone Ipad App 4.

2018-10-30 04:21:17 Wib.
Threema iPhone iPad App 4.
CHIP Conclusion on Threema iPhone / iPad App

Threema is a secure chat alternative to WhatsApp, but offers no other special features. If you are looking for a safe and simple messenger, you can confidently access it, but you should also be able to convince your circle of friends. Because without enough contacts even the safest messaging App does not help.

The CHIP editors say:

Threema is a secure WhatsApp alternative for iOS with multiple security levels. Threema iPhone / iPad App Many mobile device messengers are easy to hack and spy on. Especially the WhatsApp Messenger has provided massive security holes for negative headlines. The Swiss alternative Threema, on the other hand, is fully committed to security and encrypts your messages from start to finish.

Threema classifies your contacts in three security levels. The first level includes contacts of which you only have the Threema ID to chat with. This ID works like an ICQ number and is needed for secure exchange. Level 2 reaches the contacts that are found in the address book and whose data match those of Threema. The safest level reaches a contact, if you have scanned his ID as a QR code from his mobile device, so know him personally.

The security levels have no further impact on chat behavior. The encryption strength remains the same. In addition to the ID, you can also link your e-mail address or phone number to your account so that friends can find it.

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