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Tor Browser Package For Macos 8.

2018-09-06 07:04:17 Wib.
Tor browser package for macOS 8.
CHIP conclusion to Tor browser package for macOS

Anonymous surfing has never been so easy as with this free Tor browser Pack for Mac OS. Cumbersome configuration is completely eliminated here, you just have to start the included Firefox browser.

This is how it works: Setting up and using Tor browser perfectly

The CHIP ediTors say:

Free tool for more privacy: The Tor browser package for macOS allows anonymous surfing on the Internet with the open-source Firefox browser. Tor browser package for macOS As soon as you are on the Internet, you leave a lot of surf traces. The free Tor browser package including the current Firefox browser prevents this by bringing you to the Internet via the encrypted Tor network.

The bundle offered here makes it possible to use Tor on a system with macOS, without having to install any software. It can be run directly after the download or alternatively from a USB stick.

Tor browser: Anonymous on the Internet

In addition to encryption capabilities over the Tor network, modified Firefox has also preinstalled some handy security add-ons. Including NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere.

Access to the Darknet: Surf the Deep Web with the Tor browser

Once installed the Tor browser, you can not only visit the "normal" Internet, but also easily surf the web pages in the Darknet. A first starting point might be the address http://wikitjerrta4qgz4.onion, which has listed numerous Darknet websites and provides information about them. Another exciting starting point could be TorLinks (http://Torlinkbgs6aabns.onion), an alphabetically ordered link list for the Deep Web.

Make Tor browser Faster: Thats the way it works

Surfing with Tor is technically-slower than in a normal browser, because every request takes a detour. Thats the price you have to pay for the anonymity gained. If surfing with Tor browser but really slow, you can usually counter. In our article Tor make faster: This is how we show you which screws you can turn to speed up Tor a little. Otherwise, we recommend: Even if it no longer meets the zeitgeist, waiting often helps. Simply grab a coffee, reload the page you want and Tor browser comes back on track. Often a new identity helps, which you can get over the Tor-Button.

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