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Total Chaos - Doom 2 Mod .97.1

2018-11-03 15:43:16 Wib.
Total Chaos - Doom 2 Mod .97.1
CHIP Conclusion on Total Chaos - Doom 2 Mod

With the Mod Total Chaos for the Doom 2 you get a completely new gaming experience with a fascinating history and a perfect graphics.

The CHIP editors say:

Doom is considered a classic among first-person shooters. With the free Mod " Total Chaos " gets " Doom 2 " a whole new story. Total Chaos - Doom 2 Mod The free Doom 2 Mod "Total Chaos" will give Doom 2 a Resident Evil mark. All you need is a working version of Doom 2 and the latest version of GZDoom.

Total Chaos: Doom 2 in the horror look

In Total Chaos, explore a deserted island once inhabited by miners. After an unexplained incident seemingly all inhabitants were wiped out, to then be revived as undead and monsters. Now its up to you to get rid of those monsters with the existing firearms. Since the ammunition for this is limited, you are mainly dependent on melee weapons such as top hoes or shovels. The story spans six chapters and guides you through apartments, tunnel systems and a shopping mall.

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