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Tractor Pro 3 For Macos 3.

2018-10-19 07:04:19 Wib.
Tractor Pro 3 for macOS 3.
CHIP Conclusion about Traktor Pro 3 for macOS

"Traktor Pro 3" is considered one of the best DJ softwares ever and is accordingly used by the scenes greats. With a bit of training, beginners can create thrilling sets.

The CHIP editors say:

Mix like the Pros: " Traktor Pro 3 " is a high-quality DJ Program for mixing decks. Traktor Pro 3 for macOS With the software "Traktor Pro 3" you work on the software side like the absolute stars of the genre. Specializing in mixing electronic music, the tool is hard to imagine without a club in the world.

Traktor Pro 3: Professional DJ software for the home

The tool allows you to create ingenious DJ sets in a relatively few steps. Important: Traktor is not Production software, it is just there to mix music during a performance. And Tractor can do that very well. The range of functions is gigantic, so for example you have four decks available.

Within these four decks your creativity knows no bounds. The composition of the decks you can choose completely free. Whether remix deck or playback deck, you choose the right layout for your set. Within Remix Decks, you can play up to four loops per deck simultaneously and integrate up to 16 loops per deck. Extrapolated to all four decks, this gives 64 sounds that you have in front of you at the same time. Through different keyboard shortcuts you can quickly and easily switch between the sounds.

In addition to some pre-installed loops, you can of course also integrate downloaded sounds. These can be found for example on Beatport. Using a well-crafted looping feature, you can even create loops for the remix decks from different snippets of your favorite songs. Theres also a cueing feature onboard that lets you jump quickly and easily between different parts within the tracks.

Traktor Pro 3: iTunes integration to quickly select the next songs

Of course, the main focus of the tool but in the Processing of individual songs to a complete set. Traktor offers you a variety of options for this. From the synchronization of the BPM of each song to more than 30 effects, all conceivable features can be found on board the Program. The individual effects can be completely personalized by changing the speed, intensity and other small setting options to suit each song.

Furthermore, the tool Provides you with a stand-alone explorer, in which you can quickly and easily search your entire library. Through iTunes integration, all your songs are available right from the first start.

Since "Traktor Pro 3" is a pure software, the use of an external DJ controller is recommended. The Program supports all popular models, but works very well with the in-house Tractor controllers. However, to get started with the demo and have fun, you do not need the hardware, just a touch, mouse and keyboard.

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