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Tresorite - Android App 3.5.865.813

2018-10-10 01:12:19 Wib.
Tresorite - Android App 3.5.865.813

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Alternative to Dropbox: If you want to use the encrypted cloud storage Tresorit on the go, download this Android App. Tresorit - Android App Tresorit is a cloud storage similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, but relying on secure end-to-end encryption. This means that all data leaves your Android device only encrypted and when you retrieve data from the Tresorit servers, they also land encrypted on your smartphone and are unpacked there.

Zero-Knowledge Principle

In order to protect data protection from the beginning to the end, neither keys nor passwords leave your device in clear text. This means that it is technically impossible for an employee in the data center or public authorities to access your data. With a paid vault plan such as Tresorit Premium, you can access the encrypted data from five devices.

Safely share data with the Android smartphone

With Tresorits Android App, you can use the key features of encrypted cloud storage on your smartphone or tablet, such as viewing shared data or even sharing data. To facilitate operation, you can create favorites. Also useful is the share function for photos: Tresorit is also a simple backup target for iPhone photos. Of course, important data can also be saved offline to bridge Internet-free time. As in the desktop programs, Tresorit relies on end-to-end encryption.

Conclusion: Safe alternative to Dropbox " Co, but it costs a little more.

Note: This Application requires Android OS 4.0 or higher. The download button takes you to the Google Play store where you can install the software.

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