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Tsr Watermark Image Software 3.6. .3

2018-12-17 10:38:49 Wib.
TSR Watermark Image Software 3.6. .3
CHIP Conclusion on TSR Watermark Image Software

The Watermark Image Watermark reduces the risk of potential misuse of your Images on the Internet. In order to be able to use "TSR Watermark Image" in German, you must click on the German flag in the select language menu after starting.

The CHIP editorial says:

With "TSR Watermark Image" protect your Images from misuse on the Internet by adding their own Watermark.

TSR Watermark Image Software On the Internet, many photos are simply copied and reused. So your own photos are not affected by this abuse, you should personalize their photos. This works by Watermarking or copyrighting the Images.

TSR Watermark Image: Watermark for your pictures and photos

This task is performed by "TSR Watermark Image&. You can create your own Watermark according to your mood. You then add this to a picture of your choice before uploading to the net. "Watermark Image" is free for private use.

You can also reduce all photos to one size or Watermark all pictures in a folder. Different margins and special effects can also be realized via the tool.

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