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Vimpay Iphone-app 1.7.2

2018-12-16 04:21:16 Wib.
VIMpay iPhone-App 1.7.2
CHIP conclusion to VIMpay iPhone app

VIMpay is a modern financial app that makes it easy to use Apple Pay in Germany. Unlike many banking app alternatives, VIMpay can be used by customers ages 16+.

The CHIP editorial says:

VIMpay is a modern banking app for the iPhone that lets you use Apple Pay for free.

VIMpay iPhone App Anyone who registers with VIMpay will receive a digital prepaid Mastercard, which allows them to pay worldwide without cash or contact. VIMpay allows the payment system Apple Pay to be used in Germany without having to be a customer of one of the participating banks.

Practical: The app gives you full control over your account activity, because every transaction sends a push notification in real time. If you have contacts who also use VIMpay, you can easily transfer money - without annoying IBAN.

The current conditions for VIMpay can be found on the homepage of the manufacturer.

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