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Visual Math 4d - Android App 5.1

2018-10-04 01:12:11 Wib.
Visual Math 4D - Android App 5.1
CHIP Conclusion on Visual Math 4d - Android App

For Mathematically interested pupils and students as well as Mathematicians "Visual Math 4d" is a practical possibility to solve and Visualize complex equations directly on the smartphone.

The CHIP editorial says:

One of the best graphical calculators " Visual Math 4d " for Android. Visual Math 4d - Android App According to the description, the Android App is aimed at pupils, students and Mathematicians, but for the former only a part of the functions might be considered. For example, "Visual Math 4d" can solve equations and represent vectors and matrices. Even complex numbers, derivatives and integrals as well as plotting of Cartesian, spherical and parametric functions pose the App no problems.

Individual Visualized equations can be saved and retrieved later. In addition, "Visual Math 4d" already offers some, such as DNA, Sinus " " Cosine or a helix. In the settings, the graphical representation can be adapted to your own preferences. The values of the X, Y and Z axes can also be freely selected.

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