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Vivaldi For Macos 2.2

2018-12-17 07:04:24 Wib.
Vivaldi for macOS 2.2


CHIP conclusion to Vivaldi for macOS

Vivaldi comes from the Opera founder John von Tetzchner, who considers the alignment of Opera in the current form no longer worth supporting and therefore wants to develop a new browser that is fast and flexible, yet rich in features. Now you have to see how many Vielsurfer find themselves, who want to surf with Vivaldi. We currently rate Vivaldi as an interesting second browser, nothing more, nothing less.


The CHIP editorial says:

Vivaldi is a fast Chromium-based browser developed by Opera founder John von Tetzchner.

Vivaldi for macOS As a basis for Vivaldi, which is available for download in the final version, serves as well as for Google Chrome, the open-source project Chromium.

Vivaldi allows the user to customize the operation of the browser to his own needs. This allows you to freely select all keyboard shortcuts, significantly influence the appearance of the main menu and determine the placement of the control panel. Even the smart Philips Hue lamps can be operated directly via the browser.

Vivaldi also leaves the order of the browser tabs to the user. You can decide whether the tabs should be top, bottom, left, or right, or not displayed at all, and you want pure keyboard navigation instead. If you like to have many tabs open, you can group them better via tab stacks and thus keep the overview. favorite tabs can be saved as sessions and later loaded again at one go.

A note-taking function in the browser allows you to write fast memos, including a screenshot - the UrL that is created at this moment is automatically added to the note by Vivaldi.

Vivaldi shows after a short settling time, which distinguishes the browser from firefox and Chrome. Vivaldi can be adapted very well without add-ons to the needs of users, there are meaningful comfort features and with mouse gestures and shortcuts you can also work quickly. An overview of the most important features can be found on the Vivaldi website.

Vivaldi: Chrome add-ons compatible

Vivaldi provides access to the Chrome Web Store. Thus, in Vivaldi with Chrome add-ons to expand cool features.


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