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Walkie Iphone Ipad App 2. .2

2018-11-11 04:21:15 Wib.
Walkie iPhone iPad App 2. .2
CHIP conclusion to Walkie iPhone / iPad App

Those who often do not have the time to give their dog the necessary run-off will find Walkie a great App. So you do not have to make yourself a dog sitter on the lookout and thanks to GPS tracking, you always have your dog in view even when you e in the office.

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Again no time to go out with the dog? The free App Walkie wants to have the solution. Walkie iPhone / iPad App Walkie teaches walkers via App, so your dog also has run out, if you just do not have time.

Walkie: Find a walker by App

The idea is simple, the technical implementation uncomplicated and successful. Register in the App and you can already have a Walkie, so the persons who called your dog then run, order. This works both at short notice and in advance. You can also specify that the Walkie picks up the key from a neighbor or other location when you are away from home. The duration of the walk can also be determined.

During the walk, you can track your dog live and always know where he is. The Walkies were also personally reviewed by the creators of the App, are over 18 years and always go with only one dog at the same time. After the dog has been delivered back to you, you can rate the Walkie. Payment will be made after completing the walk.

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