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Waze Social Gps And Traffic Iphone Ipad App 4.43.4

2018-09-25 04:21:16 Wib.
Waze Social GPS and Traffic iPhone iPad App 4.43.4
CHIP Conclusion to Waze Social GPS and Traffic iPhone / iPad App

"Waze Social GPS and Traffic" is a great free alternative to the top dogs in the navi business. The route guidance was convincing, and the timeliness is excellent. With the latest version some bugs were eliminated and the App was almost optimized.

The CHIP editors say:

"Waze Social GPS and Traffic" Not only is it a full-fledged navigation system, it also provides you with real-time information on Traffic jams, accidents and radar controls thanks to its huge community. Waze Social GPS and Traffic iPhone / iPad App Navigation systems for the iPhone or the iPad are now in abundance. Among the most popular are certainly the expensive Navigon premium navigation system and the Skobbler eco-friendly App. "Waze Social GPS and Traffic" is completely free and quite different from the competition.

Waze: Traffic conditions and accidents

Although the navigation App also conscientiously fulfills its main task of navigating with voice prompts, it also offers some added value: the worldwide Waze community supports each other when they are going to work, to parents or to the long weekend. Together, users of Waze Social GPS and Traffic provide each other with a wealth of real-time information on congestion, accidents or radar controls. So you are always up to date.

In the check, Waze even recognized an undershoot of the usual average speed of the chosen route and suggested independently the report of a Traffic jam. The more drivers are on the road, the more accurate the calculation of the fastest route.

The developer suggests you should use the App every time you drive. Even if you do not want to be navigated, Waze records any deviations of the map. So if you drive the new street in the neighborhood, the App will report that to the server. As a result, the cards are always up-to-date. But of course that suffers from the battery.

If you are a passenger, you can exchange messages with other Wazers in the area and ask for a restaurant tip. Funny: If you follow the suggested route, you regularly collect sweets that give points. You can compare your score with other users.

In the meantime, the Waze App has been improved visually as well as functionally significantly and subjected to a real beauty cure. The modern maps look very chic, the operation and the start of a ride go much faster from the hand and reporting the Traffic situation has been simplified.

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