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Yahoo Together Iphone Ipad App 1.5.1

2018-10-15 04:21:15 Wib.
Yahoo Together iPhone iPad App 1.5.1
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Especially for large groups, the iOS App "Yahoo Together" is perfect. Thanks to the themes you can easily arrange for the group entertainment. Whether the App will succeed remains to be seen. WhatsApp, Facebook " Co. are now too powerful.

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The free messenger App " Yahoo Together " for iOS shines with your various group chat features. Yahoo Together iPhone / iPad App Fans of Yahoo Messenger can look forward to: After a long trial under the name Squirrel Oath brings the service "Yahoo Together" as a successor with some new features on Android and iOS.

Yahoo Together: Manage Group Chat Better

The Yahoo Together service focuses on group conversations. This means it has a variety of features to help you organize groups. Not only does Messenger provide the ability to quickly create and add members via code, it also lets you break your group down into topics.

This can be thought of as a house where you can create as many rooms as you want. In addition, you can individually define for each room which group members have access to it. This can also create secret topics, for example, to be able to plan a birthday party within a family group.

To prevent important Appointments or messages that are intended for everyone from hAppening, you can set up automatic group reminders. Along with the activity view that informs you about all the messages youve been mentioned in, youll always have everything perfectly in view.

But do not worry: you can also send normal texts to just one person under "Direct messages".

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