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Yandere Simulator November 2nd

2018-11-18 15:43:14 Wib.
Yandere Simulator November 2nd
CHIP Conclusion to Yandere Simulator

"Yandere Simulator" is an anime stealth game that has a truly extraordinary game idea. Above all, the explicit presentation of violence is extremely questionable. The current debug build allows a first impression of the indie game.

The CHIP editors say: < / p>

Hitman in Japanese: In the indie game "Yandere Simulator", which is still under development, you control an anime girl who is chasing her flock and unscrupulously eliminating her competitors. Yandere Simulator Currently, the "Yandere Simulator" is only a few percent finished. However, you can already download the current debug and test version of the anime game and try the Japanese stealth game for free.

Yandere Simulator: A game for stealth and anime fans

You have to come up with an idea like this: The aim of the game "Yandere Simulator" is to control a lovesick, Japanese schoolgirl who is following her flock. It must in the best stealth manner, as one is used to it from the Hitman series, all competitors are unobtrusively off. Incidentally, the term "Yandere" comes from the anime and manga scene. This refers to girls who love not to shy away from violence in order to have their loved ones to themselves.

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