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Youtube Downloader Ytd Video Downloader 5.9.1

2018-12-15 02:19:19 Wib.
YouTube Downloader YTD Video Downloader 5.9.1

CHIP Conclusion on YouTube Downloader (YTD Video Downloader)

The "YouTube Downloader" is easy to use and useful. However, the freeware version of the software is being cut more and more, interesting features are only available for money. A detailed overview of all differences between the two editions can be found on the homepage of the manufacturer.

The CHIP editorial says:

The YouTube Downloader (YTD Video Downloader) lets you quickly download and convert Videos (not just YouTube).

YouTube Downloader (YTD Video Downloader) The YouTube Downloader is a program that makes it easy to download movies from a variety of Video portals. However, the tool is not really recommended because of the aggressive malware. Alternatively we show you the best YouTube Downloader for Windows.

YouTube Downloader: It could not be easier

Copy "" paste the URL of the page containing your desired Video into the field provided in the YouTube Downloader.

Supported Video portals do not have the "YouTube Downloader" (YTD Downloader), so get your movies from, for example, YouTube, Facebook or DailyMotion. In addition, you can still access many other portals.

Because the downloaded Videos are usually not compatible with mobile playback devices such as iPhones or Android smartphones, you can use a built-in converter from the "YouTube Downloader" to get your Videos in the right format.

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