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Youtube Song Downloader 2 18.18.18

2018-10-27 02:19:12 Wib.
YouTube Song Downloader 2 18.18.18

CHIP Conclusion about YouTube Song Downloader

Excellent way to download YouTube videos in multiple formats. How to expand your music database in a playful, easy, legal and free way. The registration compulsion and the pop-up when exiting the program are a bit annoying.

The CHIP editors say:

Enlarge your music library for free: The " YouTube Song Downloader " helps download music videos and Songs. YouTube Song Downloader Are you looking for a legal way to always have the latest Songs on your computer or MP3 player? Then you should take a look at the video portal YouTube. Here you can really find all Songs, no matter if chart-topper or classic.

And thanks to the free "YouTube Song Downloader", downloading the clips is a breeze. You simply enter the artist or title you are looking for. Immediately the freeware shows all available YouTube videos. A preview feature allows you to watch the clip. The title information can still be adjusted after the download.

YouTube Song Downloader: Load Songs and whole albums

If you like a version of the Song, download the Song right now. Here you decide whether you want to have only the Song itself, the video or both on your hard drive. You can also search for entire albums within the program.

Supported formats: AVI, FLV, MP3, OGG, MP4.

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